Celazome Skin Care

Celazome’s products enhance lives by using Nanotechnology in their skincare systems.

The patented nano-technology allows Celazome to achieve premier results, allowing nano-sized lecithin spheres to penetrate into deeper layers of epidermis. As a result,80% of ingredients start working in deeper layers of the skin, while 20% begin working instantly on the out layers. The ingredients used are of the same or greater concentration, therefore guaranteed to bring out very effective results.

For example, Celazome products use 1.5 percent of tea extract( a powerful antioxidant), while the industry uses 0.002 percent, or 10 percent of Argiereline( a Peptide used for anti-aging) while the industry uses 5 percent.┬áCelazome uses the highest quality and percentage of clinically proven ingredients to provide for the products that exceed industry’s highest standards.

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