Dermapen vs. Cosmetic Light Therapy

We would like to introduce you to one of our most effective, safe and results focussed treatments – The Dermapen.

This system is the perfect remedy to correct skin flaws which are extremely common in aging skin. The Dermapen is an advanced skin needling system with wonderful benefits that outweigh the competition dramatically.

So how is the Dermapen different from cosmetic laser treatments?

Sterile surgical stainless micro needles pierce the skin leading to apopotis of cells within the dermis. Apopotis is programmed cell death, it’s essentially when a cell commits suicide. This process is a natural practise. There is no inflammation caused from the skin naturally going through this routine.

When we use cosmetic light therapy to try and achieve the same results the skin goes through a process called Necrosis. Necrosis takes place when a cell is traumatized by an external force. When a cell dies from Necrosis, it’s extremely damaging to the skin. This process is unnatural, disruptive and causes high levels of inflammation. Necrosis can cause additional disruption and irritation throughout the body.

The Dermapen uses 11, 33 gauge micro needles to stimulate the dermis. Needles vertically pierce the skin to enhance the rejuvenation results. The proliferation of this process causes the body to release growth factors from fibroblasts, keratinocytes and monocytes.

With cosmetic laser treatments the light virtually ‘drills holes’ into the skin causing a wound, this wound then creates a healing process. This leaves the skin around the hole to be a reservoir for fibroblasts and stem cells to migrate into the holes.

The Dermapen is a multi-purpose system appropriate for various skin conditions and corrections. Including, scar removal, tattoo removal, acne scar revision & general dermabrasion.

The Dermapen is safe, effective and can be performed on all skin tones, including darker tones. Unlike cosmetic light therapy, The Dermapen causes no signs of inflammation after the treatment and significant results can be seen in as little one one treatment.

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