White Orchid Rejuvenation Centre
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Direct Billing

ICBC and Extended Health Insurance Companies

Completing extended health insurance and ICBC claims can be tedious. To make it easy for our clients, White Orchid Rejuvenation Centre is pleased to offer direct billing to extended health insurance companies and to ICBC.

With direct billing, you don’t have to wait to be reimbursed by your insurance company and you pay only what your insurance does not cover.

Which health insurance companies can we Direct Bill?

  • Canada Life
  • Green Shield
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • Sun Life
  • and more!

What treatments are covered?

We provide direct billing for the following treatments:

  • Acupuncture treatments by Naghmeh Tehrani
  • Naturopathic consultation and treatments by Dr. Terrie Van Alstyne, ND
  • Registered Massage Therapy by Mojdeh Forouzeh, RMT

If you are recovering from a car accident ICBC automatically approves 12 acupuncture treatments for the first 12 weeks (3 months) after your accident.

Are there any exemptions?

While most health insurance plans cover the above listed treatments, each plan is different. Please check with your insurance company to find out what your plan covers.

What information do you need to provide?

  • Your primary benefits card
  • Your relationship to the primary policy holder (if applicable)
  • Details about secondary coverage (if applicable)

How much do I need to pay?

Payment depends on the cost of treatment and your insurance coverage. You will only need to pay the cost that is not covered by your insurance plan. For example, if you have 80% coverage for a $100 treatment, you will only need to pay $20 at the end of your visit.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, you will receive a receipt for the portion that you paid. If you have 100% coverage from your insurance company, you will not get a receipt.