Toenail Fungus Treatment FAQ

What are Nail Fungus Symptoms?

The nail becomes thick and discoloured: black, white, green or yellow. Over time, the nail becomes brittle, pieces break or come off the toe or finger completely. If it is not treated, white or yellow patches may appear on the nailbed, the skin under and around the nail can become inflamed and painful or scaly. There won’t be any other pain or bodily symptoms, but there might be significant psychosocial problems for people who suffer from onychomycosis specially when fingers are affected.

How does Laser treat Fungus?

Research has shown that fungi are sensitive to heat, typically 40–60 °C.The laser treatment heats the nail bed to these temperatures to disturb fungal growth.

Does Laser Fungal Therapy Hurt?

It is a non-invasive laser treatment which is fast and without any pain. The only physical sensation the patients feel during the treatment is a bit of heat from the laser. The laser penetrates the nail and reaches down into the fungus and destroys it.

Prescription Medication vs. Laser Fungus Treatment

Sometimes the nail fungus can be treated by taking oral medications that physicians prescribe, but many patients prefer not to take prescription for a condition that seems not to be serious. On the other hand, oral anti-fungals may have side effects, the most severe type is liver damage. Prolonged use of oral anti-fungal medication require patients to be monitored for liver problems. Laser Genesis lacks those side effects that oral medications may cause.

Any Restrictions on Activity after Laser Fungal Treatment?

Laser Genesis Fungal Therapy is fast and easy and has no down time. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. There is no pain and the patient can go back to normal activities right away. The nail fungus can be treated effectively by Laser Genesis.

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