4 Ways To Be More Beautiful

Ever wonder why come girls absolutely ‘shine’

You seem them and they dazzle a room with their energy and grace? We call them ‘beautiful’ but, it doesn’t have a lot to do with aesthetics. It’s presence. Presence perpetuates beauty.

So often we associate beauty with a new makeup technique or a new way of doing our hair – when really it’s much more than that, beauty come from the inside and shines. It has the ability to capture people in a way where we have them saying ‘There is just something about her’  

Presence is about being connected to the moment, being fully here. Being able to connect without distraction or worry. Not feeling anxious about the future and not thinking about the past. When we are present we flow our energy into the people with are with – in the current moment. We aren’t checking Facebook to see who just ‘checked in’ somewhere or ‘liked’ the photo we posted 3 hours ago. Presence is being open, being alive, looking with a clear expression and being fully engaged.

That – is beauty.

Cultivating a more present view in life takes conscious practice, like any new skill we learn. It takes trial and challenge. Here are 4 ways you can be more present and beautiful in your daily life.

Eye Contact 

Look at whoever you are speaking to with full intensity – look at them right in the eyes. Don’t look over their shoulder or glance down at your phone. Be there, in the moment with them. They will feel your presence and it will make them feel good.

Have ‘Make Their Day’ Conversations 

When you are practising presence, practice having conversations with the intention of making someone’s day – or improving their current life experience. Allow yourself to give them authentic and truthful compliments – this creates a bond and connection.


So often in this world we only care about what we have to say – it’s the truth. Rather than figuring out what you are going to say while someone is speaking, really listen and take in everything they are saying. It’s a rare and beautiful skill.

Heart Conversations

When you are present, think about answering from your heart. Rather than going into auto pilot and just answering the question for the sake of answering, really take a beat and answer from your heart. That is where the magic is.

Presence perpetuates beauty – be more present and allow more beauty. It’s an inside job.

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