Learn To ‘Feed Your Face’

So often we are not aware that the food we consume has a direct link to our skin. In addition to using high quality products, constant care and drinking plenty of water – we fail to realize that what we eat has a huge impact on the health and appearance of our skin.

Those who suffer from acne take great measures in order to help their skin. They go to great lengths to ensure they are taking proper care of the breakouts they are experiencing. Some are prescribed topical creams, some resort to birth control or even harsher acne medications. What about addressing diet? The most important building block for creating beautiful and healthy skin.

A lot of Asians have absolutely beautiful skin – have you ever thought perhaps it might have something to do with their skin? Perhaps they are eating a much cleaner diet than the  ‘American’ diet we are all used to.

High level of insulin in your skin which can be caused from sugary foods can increase the production of skin cells. If too many skin cells die at the same time and aren’t shed away they will end up binding with sebum and clogging the pores. Poor diet can also lead to inflammation of the skin which can lead to clogged pores and thus, acne.

Choosing foods that have a low glycemic index will not spike your insulin levels and not throw your hormones into overdrive. Eating low GI foods will stabilize this process, keeping the body’s insulin levels steady with the natural levels of insulin produced.

How much milk are you consuming? Milk is full of cow hormones. Cow’s milk (even organic) contains it’s own hormones and growth factors. This means, every time you drink milk or eat dairy products the cow hormones are absorbed by your body, and remain active in the blood stream. They affect your skin the same way as human hormones.

Just some food for thought!

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