What are Peptides? How do the benefit the skin?

There is a lot of talk about ‘Peptides’ in skin care these days. This is for good reason. Peptides are essential for healthy glowing skin. We have a wide range of services at White Orchid Rejuvenation Centre which work to infuse peptides into the skin, revealing a wonderful result. Of course, one of our most popular services the ‘Hydrafacial’ is a perfect facial to transport peptides into the skin. So what exactly do peptides do? Have a read below and discover for yourself…

Wrinkle Reducers

Peptides fight the wrinkle battle from the inside out, fighting against the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which we lose as we get older. Without strong collagen and hyaluronic acid working to support the skin, this can lead to wrinkles and saggy skin, which no one wants, especially on their face.

Skin Healers

These properties can also work to heal the skin, thanks to copper molecules in conjunction with a peptide that can penetrate the skin’s deep layers and stimulate collagen growth. The result? A boost in skin healing after injury such as scrapes, scratches and blemishes.

Skin Relaxers

Peptide properties also affect neurotransmitters in the skin, causing the nerve cells to stop communicating and just relax. What you see is an overall smoother skin with fewer wrinkles and laugh lines.

Penetrating Factors

These powerful skin boosters are so small, they can easily penetrate the skin, stimulating the growth of collagen. However, in looking for beauty creams that fight aging it’s important to choose one that doesn’t contain products that won’t break down the peptide chain. You can find this out through consulting with your skin care professional.


Because of their effect on the skin, peptide products are often used in facials, restoring a healthy glow and elasticity to the skin that many women — and even men — appreciate as they age. Clients usually see results right away in the look and feel of their skin.

Make peptide products a part of your daily skincare regime. We carry many approved medical grade products that contain these powerful skin smoothers. You’ll be on your way to more supple skin in no time!

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